So Fresh, So Clean

Barack Obama: Style Icon.

“Wooooooo that man clean!” President Barack Obama recently turned up at the UNC/Duke game dripped out in a custom embroidered ’44’ Bomber Jacket from Rag and Bone. Sure, $595 is pricey for a Bomber, but when you successfully led the free world for 8 years and helped to navigate the United States through all kinds of perils in the birth of the digital era, you can pretty much wear whatever you want.

F. Dougie: Not only is this man embodying casual style, but he’s also doing it effortlessly. This look exemplifies a smart-casual sensibility and he’s also hitting us with unnecessary ‘44’ flex embroidered on the sleeve.

Idris Gray: Obama is the leader we need but not the one we deserve. You know for a fact that Trump could never in his life pull this look off. Stay beautiful Barack.

The good news is, you don’t have to drop $600 to look as stylish as ‘O’. Here are a few of our favorite Bombers that’ll keep you looking clean this spring or fall:

1.) “The Original” – Alpha Industries MA-1 – $150.00

“The Original” – Alpha Industries MA-1

2.) Ballin’ a Budget – Gap Classic Bomber Jacket – $69.00

“Ballin’ a Budget” – Gap Classic Bomber Jacket

3.) “You’re a Legend, Mate” – TOPMAN Classic Fit Bomber Jacket – $85.00

“You’re a Legend, Mate” – TOPMAN Classic Fit Bomber Jacket

4.) “The Disrupter” – EVERLANE Cotton Bomber – $88.00

“The Disrupter” – EVERLANE Cotton Bomber

5.) “Euro Style” H&M Nylon Bomber Jacket – $34.99 

“Euro Style” – H&M Nylon Bomber Jacket

Honorable Mention – BONOBOS Boulevard Bomber Jacket – $168.00

Honorable Mention – BONOBOS Boulevard Bomber Jacket

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