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Our Mission – Objectively Black

Objectively Black exists because we believe that the world needs a unique perspective on how African-Americans consume news, media, and entertainment. The interactions that we have in the world and in the workplace are different for the vast majority of our peers. For a demographic that is the epicenter of global popular culture, we feel that there aren’t enough critics, reviewers, opinions, or voices that comment from the black point of view.

We intend to objectively speak with sincerity, humor, and intensity because that’s just who we are as people. We believe that our worldview is special, and we intend to speak from our hearts.

You may not always agree with the way we think, and that’s ok. We are just doing things the way that WE know how. Painting a picture of the world the way WE see it. We encourage intelligent discussion and critique if that’s where it leads.

Through this blog, we hope to learn and grow with you. Want to know how two black men from NYC think? Keep reading…

Welcome to Objectively Black.