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Top 10 Casual Shoes for Spring 2019 – Objectively Black

       Full disclosure, we’re both pretty simple when it comes to fashion. Less is more, you know? Since work attire has become more and more casual, we both typically fluctuate between more flexible and adaptable attire. You want to look good at work, and you want to be able to hop over to Soho or Harlem for a drink after work as well right?

F. Dougie: Growing up, basketball sneakers were always that holy grail. My family couldn’t really afford expensive basketball shoes. And when we finally could, it was never really an option. “You want some Jordans? Jordans?! Boy, you better go find a friend named Jordan! What do you think this is?”

So now that I’m grown, I’ve got a great sneaker collection… (probably should have invested that money) but the funny thing is, the more affordable and basic shoes are now more in style than your average $200 basketball shoes. Crazy, right?

Idris Gray: Right. I just try to stay simple. I’m always trying to find something that can pair with as many outfits as possible. And I don’t get crazy with colors. Black, white, gray, navy. That’s pretty much everything you need to know.

Here are our favorite styles for 2019.


1.) Nike – Killshot 2

This is one of my favorite sneakers of all time. I love them so much, I’ve actually got 2 pairs. J. Crew re-released them a few years ago and they’ve been pretty popular ever since. An actual Tennis shoe, the Killshot goes with almost any outfit and gives you enough basic structure to rock with jeans, joggers, or dress pants.

2.) Vans – Old School (Black/White)

Not usually one to ride trends, I was a little hesitant to try these out since I’ve never really been a Vans guy. I’ve always been more of a Nike stan, but Vans has been resurging as of late. You see them everywhere and sometimes without even knowing it. At their great price point, you can own multiple pairs in different styles. These are definitely more casual and give off the impression that you don’t take things too seriously.

3.) Adidas – Stan Smith

Ahh, the new classic. Your basic all-white tennis shoe with a little bit of color flair on the back heel. This is certainly a more preppy look but you’d surprised at its versatility. Personally, I wear a size 12 shoe, and I feel like these don’t look as good on bigger feet…but maybe that’s just me being self-conscious. We can’t be out here looking like Ronald McDonald, right? I really also believe that this is the sneaker that almost single-handedly brought Adidas back into the sneaker conversation. You’ll want a pair of these in your closet for those preppy outings to Montauk or for your brunch date with the potential publisher of your Avocado Toast cookbook.

4.) Nike – Blazer Mid ‘77

I really love the simplicity in design for this sneaker. Mids are under-appreciated and with all those close tapered jeans and pants we see, I’m surprised people don’t wear them more. The 2019 reissue came with 3 very vibrant colorways on your basic white canvas sneaker. I’m taking a chance on this one, but I really do think they’ll be big this spring.

5.) Nike – Air Jordan I

I’m actually getting a little emotional as I write this. The Air Jordan I (Red/Black/White) is my favorite sneaker of all time. There is so much history behind this shoe and its one of the reasons that sneaker culture is so prevalent in Hip-Hop and Streetwear communities today. I always wanted a pair as a kid but could never have them. No shade to my parents either. I thank them for keeping me focused on the things in life that truly matter, but now that I’m my own man, I can revel in the past and live vicariously through the greatest basketball player of all time (minus the gambling and deafening silence on black issues). Since the recent releases of the early 2000s, ‘ones’ have been at the forefront of many yearly calendar releases for Nike in a number of various colorways. I’ll admit that the colors and styles of this sneaker have gotten a little out of control over the past couple of years, but that also means you can get these in almost any colorway that you desire. Visiting your crew in Brooklyn? Throw on some ‘Ones’, Joggers, and a T-shirt and you’re all set.

Looking at the bigger picture, my closing point is true for all of these sneakers. They are all unisex and look good on both women and men. You wanna get your his and hers on, be my guest. Just make sure you tell the people over at Nike, Vans, and Adidas that Dougie sent you.


1.) Adidas – Ultra Boost

First things first I fuck-ing like comfortable shoes. If you’re like me then you probably already know all about these. These are one of the many shoes that have taken advantage of the boost tech from Adidas. There are a number of styles and colors that you can choose to rock here. But I think the silhouette lends itself to white. I understand its not quite the correct weather for you to pop these guys on just yet. But do your feet a favor and get yourself a pair of these.

2.) Vans – Old School

Coming in at a strong #2 for me is Vans Old School. Yes, call me a hypebeast. Call me corny. I don’t care. I was out here wearing Vans long before it was popular. I’m basically the Soulja boy of Vans. JOOORDANNS?!?! To be completely honest I always liked converse a bit more than vans, but they are a bit narrow for my big ass feet ;). So they edge out the Chuck Taylors on my list. Listen, they are clean, durable, you can wear them to work, and they come in at a great price point. You really can’t go wrong.

3.) Nike – Air Force 1

Give me two pairs. I need 2 pairs. Yup Air Force 1. The classic. I really don’t have to advocate too hard for these do I? You know you love these. They are comfortable. There’s a colorway for every possible occasion. They make you look taller. The only downside is all head nods you’ll have to give to random brothas as you walk down the street and they see you rocking these all white joints. Live your dreams gentlemen.

4.) Converse – Chuck Taylor All Star (High Top)

Ok, I still have to show love to the all-star hightops. They do run a bit narrow, but they look amazing on feet. I actually think that these work better for an office sneaker for those casual Fridays than the vans if you want to look a bit more stylish. So, if you have normal, small penis feet, go ahead and do your thing.

5.) Nike – Internationalist Low

Last but not least for me is the Internationalist. If there was ever a concern that I wouldn’t give you at least one more super comfortable sneaker to end this list off with, you were dead wrong. I already told you I love comfortable shoes. That’s my fucking problem. These classic sneakers from Nike really fit the bill there. And they are actually pretty stylish, to me. You don’t have to love them. I do. I love them enough for all of us. But really, they have a great look and come in multiple colorways. You can even ID them if you want to give Nike more of your hard earned cash.

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